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At this juncture of my life...I consider myself an experimental poet...concerned with the human condition, seen from the perspective of the trusted imagination. I have been a psychotherapist for nearly 30 years, now basically retired. I consider myself a secular humanist with a strong belief in the human spirit. Relationships with family and friends are essential. My second marriage is bliss...my husband, Norm, a poet and retired pharmacist, has a sensibility and a generosity of being that fulfills all who come in contact with him...and I am the lucky daily recipient. My daughter, Christie Romero, is an accomplished jewelry historian. completely audo-didactic. That she is a first-class survivor has been demonstrated by her struggle, living with cancer. My son, Ron Schultz, an author of more than 20 published books and a dedicated Buddhist, gives his intelligence and energy to help relieve suffering in the world. Both of my children give me the happiness that comes with theirs, as well as our deep connections. I am blessed with a loving and responsible son-in-law, Jimmie Romero and a creative, patient and loving daughter-in-law, Laura Sanderford. Laura and Ron's daughters, Johana and Emily, are a joy in the latter years of my life. In addition to my own children, Norm has brought me an extended family of three extraordinary daughters, Shari, Lauren and Janice. My serious worry about my daughter's health is the main blemish on what I feel is a blessed life.

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