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This filmmaker creates a reality for the viewer to inhabit. A small French village in 1913, where it begins…A large woman, ponderously carries her basket over cobblestones, her umbrella like a guardian, pokes from the basket. We learn that she is religious, that she cleans houses, does other menial work and at night, by candlelight she paints on small boards…visions of nature which she worships. To say more about the narrative would be a spoiler. The images in this film are mesmerizing…made this viewer want to shout, STOP…I want to linger on that frame. The actress, Yolande Moreau, who plays the title role,
brings an authenticity and honesty to her portrayal, so that the viewer LIVES her reality. If this film has left a theatre near you…by all means rent or buy the DVD when it’s released.


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